This summer, dress right to beat the heat.

Long gone are the cool breezy days and summer is here. Dressing right can make your summer a pleasant experience. The overdose of pollution, climate change and stress add to our unpleasant and unhealthy living. The sizzling sun makes us sweat causing dehydration, skin rashes, body odour and discomfort. Choosing the right kind of clothing can bring about many changes to our body type and add style, making it easy to work and stay stylish at once.

Allow us to style you in a flexible and comfortable clothing that will keep you at ease.

  • Stick to the Cottons The perfect fabric for summer. It is soft in texture, light weight, absorbs sweat and allows it to evaporate, discouraging the growth of bacteria. Avoid synthetic fabrics as they do not allow the skin to breathe.
  • Lighter Shades to keep you cool Bring out the whites, the light yellows, the cremes, the sweet pinks, the soft blues and all the possible light shades from your wardrobe because they keep you cool and reflect out the radiation. Stay away from dark shades as they absorb heat.
  • A Relaxed Fit Wearing airy or loose fitted clothing will prevent sweat and allow blood flow in your body, making it easy to move around office or at home.



Contemporary / Floral / Checks / Lace of knee length for everyday wear to keep you comfortable and stylish


Long Dresses that are light weight in fabric can be worn layered or just in lace. Try on a little bit backless or spaghetti in style.


An Indian approach to take on this summer. Style with light or vibrant colors, Lace or Boho, Floral or Block Prints & Classy or Sassy.


2 Pieces of cloth can make a bold statement. Choose soft colors to pair for a top / shirt and a demin skirt / cotton skirt.
Men approach a light shade of shirt with dark or light trousers to fit it up.


The trendsetter’s. Flaunt those grooves with a pastel / floral / solid colours Palazzo. Want to show off those legs go get yourself a romper.


Nothing like a silk / cotton white top, comfortable and classy to wear everyday or to work or even a sunday summer brunch. Fill a few in your wardrobe to match with any type of bottom wear.

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