Care for your hair with the goodness of nature

Caring for our hair has never been easy, yet we invest time and effort in buying a variety of products and salon treatments that may or may not work in our favour. The Combination of dust, heat, humidity, difference of water minerals, weather or product allergies can cause severe or permanent damage to your hair follicles. But there is always natural ways to restore the life back into your precious hair with the goodness of aloe vera and coconut oil.

Benefits of Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for softer and healthier hair

MAKING THE WORLD SILKY SMOOTH – Aloe Vera is rich in Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals and Proteolytic Enzymes that nourish your hair follicles from root to tip adding a soft and shiny texture. A soft and tangle free hair is easy to style and effortless to manage, style ranging from graceful curls, slick straights or messy buns for all occasions to come.

NATURAL PROTECTION FROM HEAT – The rise in temperature and humidity in summers can damage your hair and make it brittle. A spoon full of coconut oil mixed with aloe vera extract will not only protect your hair but will also make it soft and healthy. A gentle massage from root to tip for a naturally conditioned and moisturised hair that helps maintain the pH balance of your scalp. Anti-Fungal is aloe vera’s greatest property that solves many scalp problems like dryness, itching scalp, flaking and dandruff issues.

REPAIRED REPLENISHED RENEWED – Aloe vera contains healing enzymes. Coconut oil contains fatty acids. Together they can eliminate the dullness and repair the dead skin cells on your scalp adding to their conditioning properties.

BOOSTING HAIR GROWTH – Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera are natural accelerators in boosting hair growth from it follicles. Applying the mixture from root to tip twice a week will not only lengthen your hair but will also add lustre and volume to it.

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