Wear the old world charm

Oxidized jewelry is the new go to everyday wear and it has gained its popularity. It is unique by look, versatile in design and cost effective in comparison to metals like gold and silver. Oxidized metal comes in myriad patterns with stone work, delicate carving and enamelling to name a few. These pieces have an old world charm and traditional appeal. Oxidisation creates a light and shadow effect in jewelry while making colored stones on them stand out and offers a fresh and novel look in the world of gold and silver jewelry.

Dates back to thousands of years.  At first used for utilitarian purposes such as vessels, coins, lamps, candlesticks, body armor, musical instruments and even sextants to name a few. The use of silver is high in the making of oxidized jewelry though the composition has other alloys like copper, zinc and occasionally nickel to produce the jewelry in colors such as pink, green, yellow and even white. The process of blackening silver, first took place around 1100 AD, when the method of refining metals was carried out to separate it from other impurities. Sulfur was used to the molten silver by which it turned black.

The process of oxidization is the blending of the two metals to create an alloy. A pure metal like silver is exposed to sulfur to get the oxidized effect. Another method is to use silver black which contains hydrochloric acid and provides a controlled approach, which is used to make a vast array of products such as necklaces, earrings, anklets, chains, jewelry boxes, and ornaments for the house.

Numerous attractive designs are available in oxidized bangles, earrings, pendants, cuff, anklets, necklaces (both long and short styles), nose rings, bracelets, and more. The oxidized pendants have glass, stone, semi- precious gems to mimic designs such as Tribal, Mughal, Meenakari, Kundan and  temple styles to name a few. They are available in the zodiac signs that are popular among teens and young adults.

Oxidized beaded jewelry is popular for its colored beads contrasting to create a unique look. Necklaces are crafted in traditional designs and as well as trendy contemporary patterns that can be worn casually or for parties.

Bracelet bangles are very popular and are created in tribal designs or with a single stone as a highlight. Wearing a multitude of thin oxidized bangles is also fashionable among teens where the quantity matters.

Earrings have various styles like danglers, hoops, with large stone as a high point, jhumkas, drops tasseled with delicate bells and threads, flower petals, rice patterns, dots, beads, multiple chains, kundan designs, Minakari work and even charms.?

Oxidized jewelry gives an antique look which can be combined with ethnic wear and is considered a fashion statement. Oxidized pieces can be worn in combination with precious jewelry. Popularization of oxidized jewelry in good luck charms, beaded necklaces and rings & more are the most fashionable trends that have also spilled over into bridal fashion. The flooding of stacking ring designs has made the oxidized look chic. Oxidized gold is considered a more traditional style.

Maintain your precious

  • Avoid silver polish / paste
  • Use only a polishing cloth specifically made for cleaning jewelry
  • Use cotton swabs to reach places with too mush oxidization.
  • Do not use hot water / steamers on oxidized pieces.
  • Store your jewelry in air tight boxes when not in use.
  • Store them in cupboards/ drawers, away from sunlight.

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